Providing Compassionate Home Health Care Services Since 1999

Hands 2 Help has been providing compassionate home health care services since 1999. We provide caregiver services that supplement the restricted services covered by health insurance companies. Clients do not have to be home bound and may request services on a regular basis such as every weekday at a certain time or whenever help is needed such as when a regular caregiver or family member is temporarily unavailable. Care is also available on a one-time-only basis such as before or after surgery. 


We Offer a Free In-Home Assessment

Hands 2 Help is licensed to provide services in a client’s primary residence. That may be an assisted or independent living center, a family home, or a primary residence of many years. We offer a free in-home assessment to identify potential risks and hazards as well as recommend practical solutions prior to starting our services. We are a Certified Medicaid provider and will bill Medicaid directly for long-term community-based waiver services, and can bill directly for long term care insurances. We also hold a contract with the VA to provide services for veterans and private pay services.


Our Caregivers Provide Activities to Keep Mind and Body Stimulated

Hands 2 Help employees are expected to provide high-level mental stimulation by reminiscing, playing games, or discussing everyday events. We provide companionship, including participating in daily activities and hobbies. Whenever appropriate, passive, active, or resistive exercise is included in care, thereby maintaining a person's physical strength and mobility. Whenever possible, clients go outside their homes so that they can reap the benefits of sunshine and a change of venue. Hands 2 Help recognizes the special needs of people with Alzheimer's Disease or other types of dementia. With the population aging, and an increase in the number of people affected by the disease, the burden to society is a challenge.